Levi Govaerts is a consultant with a technical background who started developing at very young age. This gave him the ability to evolve in a person who is able to work in an independent way,  always looking for challenges.

Levi is an optimistic person who likes to be an active team player and knows how to handle and solve problems in stress situations.  He is a person who is always ready to answer questions or give support where needed. As an ambitious working developer he puts the focus on the quality of the product and is able to ‘think outside the box’.

Levi uses his analytical skills to deliver high quality products. More than 9 years of experience in PHP made him become a domain expert. He’s still improving his PHP knowledge by getting certified in both Symfony2 & Zend frameworks.

Levi is a very communicative and social person who gave a lot of presentations in the past. Within Capgemini, he offers trainings related to Drupal & Symfony2.

Being an active contributor in the Drupal community gave him a lot of knowledge and experience implementing Content Management Systems. While contributing in the Drupal community, he built a network with the people at Acquia, The Commerce Guys (which are both Capgemini partners) and some key persons within the community itself. This gives Levi the ability to share thoughts, ideas and problems with a lot of Drupal experts around the globe.